“Devil Boys From Beyond” – Nearly Naked Theatre

This review aired on KBAQ January 10, 2011


Nearly Naked Theatre, The Little Theatre at Phoenix Theatre
Phoenix, AZ

“Devil Boys From Beyond,” Nearly Naked Theatre’s latest, is an outrageous, way-over-the-top, uproariously funny science fiction spoof. It’s a damn good campy extravaganza featuring several local drag queen celebrities, a leading local actress playing a manly New York City newspaper editor, and scantily clad guys who make invading space aliens look like pristine hunks. Buddy Thomas and Kenneth Elliott’s script is 95 frivolous minutes of fun that laughs itself silly at science fiction shtick as it mocks other worldly invaders.

The show just closed off-Broadway and the Nearly Naked staging, with tongue firmly in cheek, gives the irreverent entertainment its due. Don’t go expecting a profound theater experience because you won’t get it. If you want to laugh, “Devil Boys From Beyond” will relax and delight you.

It is 1957 in Lizard Lick, Florida, a tiny berg filled with bizarre people. Space aliens from Pluto land and make typical town events even more peculiar than usual. Back in New York, Gilbert, the editor of a daily newspaper, sends his crack reporter, Mattie, and ace photographer, Gregory, back to Lizard Lick to further investigate a disappearance they found unremarkable initially.

When they return, the aliens appear as the havoc they create plays outlandish tricks on everyone. There’s sparring among reporters as Lucinda shows up to scoop Mattie, there’s a host of odd happenings, and there’s abundant alien sightings. Lots of other bizarre things happen including a couple of quasi musical comedy style production numbers. By the end, the confirmed madness leaves audiences delightfully entertained.

Toby Yatso’s zippy staging never flags, a critical element in making the zaniness work so beautifully and making it really funny. If the pace slowed even for a moment, the stupidity would overcome the humor and ruin it. And Yatso’s cast has a silly, giddy time with the antics.

The drag queens are a howl from Celia Putty (aka Richard Black’s) Mattie, to Damon Dering’s hefty and flippant Lizard Lick floozy Florence, to Doug Loynd’s fur wearing but conniving reporter Lucinda.

Riotous Johanna Carlisle stomps and bumps around as the editor, hilarious Susan St. John is a Southern Belle motel owner, but William Jones is least effective as the booze-plagued newspaper photographer. James B. Jones and Samuel Morgan Wiseman are perfect specimens as the alien hunks.

The multi locale show has a clever, unfolding unit set that evolves from place to place quickly as it further perpetuate the idiocy.

“Devil Boys From Beyond” may not be great theater but it is fun to enjoy a relaxing laugh fest. It continues through January 29. For tickets, call the Phoenix Theatre box office at 602-254-2151.

Grade: B


One Response to ““Devil Boys From Beyond” – Nearly Naked Theatre”

  1. Dee Norcross said:

    Feb 03, 11 at 17:11

    Was the most horrible amateur show ever seen. Just terrible acting and worst the actors were just horrible! I heard that besides the night I was there, at least half the audience would leave or had left within the first 30 mins. Waste of my time I will never get back!